Jordyn Woods, Leave Well Enough Alone

Isn’t it funny how most of us probably don’t watch Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s, yet we’re keeping up in real life? Their family has so much going on that it’s hard not to be even a little bit intrigued. These people are literally famous from a freakin’ sex tape and they kept up with the scheme and made it their come up. Granted the family name was known beforehand, but no one can say this family doesn’t hustle. This brings me to the topic of why anyone would mess with this family full of crazy women, especially their mom. Watching the show alone shows you how much drama they have in house.

We are all aware of how they ripped Jordyn Woods a new one after she allegedly had a moment with Khloe’s man. It was said that she was crazy for doing such a thing to break ties with the family that helped her career take off. She even had Jada Pinkett-Smith to come to her rescue and was ridiculed by many. That was a messy fiasco! But clearly not messy enough because Jordyn was spotted with yet another of Khloe’s guys recently. Seems like she doesn’t know when to leave well enough alone.

At this point, I think Jordyn enjoys playing with fire. That’s okay and all, but it’s different when you’re in the limelight and people are dragging your name. I’m sure there are very few people who are viewing this in a positive light. Maybe she has a personal vendetta against Khloe or she’s doing it to stay relevant. Who knows! Famous people do believe that any publicity is good publicity. But it does make you think where her head is in all of this. You have no shame because even after apologizing you go and hang out with another one of her old men. Yes, he’s free game, but why would you want to be seen as that type of girl? She’s too pretty to be behaving like this. Guess we’ll have to stay tuned to learn more.

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