Tragedies are filling the streets every second. Mass shootings, political scams, racist leaders, kids being gunned down. The news can barely keep up with the ridiculousness of the world. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. I feel like society has lost its heart, that is, until it hits home. Then we want full coverage on how things went tragically wrong for our neighborhood and families. Will there be a beacon of hope from society where we show more sympathy for those in dire straights, or will we continue down the path of destruction? Will we stand up for right, or step over it like we do a dead body slain on the side of the street because it’s not our relative?

I recently read a comment on a social media site that asked why we were surprised at the mass shootings. I was livid! Why are we surprised?! Maybe because we don’t expect to be grocery shopping and get shot by a stray bullet that can potentially be fatal. Maybe there’s a bit of shock because it happened 15 minutes down the road from where I work and a church member works at that very store. I feel like we are becoming desensitized to tragedy. I think it’s sad that we have become numb to national leaders being in cahoots with KKK leaders. We’re letting murderers who call themselves law enforcers antagonize and kill innocent people. They are now making bullet proof backpacks for goodness sake. The day we stop being SURPRISED by bad things happening will be the day the society and even the world will be doomed. We need a change and we need it fast!

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