Bad Vibes

With all that’s going on in this crazy world, I need all the peace I can get. I want peace in my home, on my job, and wherever else I go. Now I know that isn’t always feasible, but a girl can hope. Have you ever been around people who literally make your spirit irritated? It’s really thing, trust me I know. The person seems to have no clue of their negative vibe, which annoys you even more. And if they are doing it on purpose, you just want to slap them in the face. I definitely don’t like an always negative person who wants to focus on the the bad and never has anything good to say. You’re alive! Is that not ONE thing to be happy about? Negativity has a stronghold on society.

I get that sometimes I am overly nice and I am definitely one to try to keep drama down, but those are good traits. People may try to make those things sound bad, but it takes a strong person to not knock the hell out of someone (literally the hell) or tell them all the places they can go! We probably need more people who want to keep drama down so the negativity can die. The next time someone comes to you talking mess, pop them in the mouth. NO, JUST KIDDING! I know some of you are real gangstas. But when they come talking, let them know you don’t have time. It takes one person at a time to change the world. Slap the tea out of their hand, we’re sippin’ wine to stay chill. Be sweet.

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