The Takeoff

I remember my first flight so vividly, mainly because it was back in 2015. I was like that overly excited five year old who just had to tell the entire plane that it was my first time flying. I was scared to death y’all! I was slick telling them just in case I fainted or threw up, and they would have to get the flight attendants. We began to pull away from the dock (like it’s a boat) and I was like, okay we’re going really slow. I just kept thinking that we were never going to get up enough momentum with that speed. Then all of a sudden, we started to pick it up and I said to myself, this is what I’m talking about. And just like that, we were in the sky.

I began to think about how attempting to take action towards your dreams is like the takeoff of a plane. Before you get on a plane, there has to be an inspection of the functioning of that plane. Just like your dream, you have to do an assessment of all the pros and cons of going after something you really want. You can bring baggage, but you have to make sure it’s the right baggage (e.g. peace, kindness, love) or the things in them can be detrimental to your flight. You have to buckle up for safety and comply with all of the rules of the plane. You have to make sure you’re careful in life so that you do the correct things and follow the steps you’ve drawn out to be successful. Then comes the fun part.

Once you’ve gone over the formalities of the plane/dream, it’s time to slowly get situated to takeoff. You have to make sure the runway is clear, because there will be obstacles that try to stand in your way. Swerve on them, and get back to the road! Then gradually you have to get up the momentum to get going. You have to run towards your dream like your life and someone else’s depend on it, because it does. Someone is depending on your obedience to get over the fear and fly. You have to also make sure you have the right crew with you or things could get ugly. The people you have on the ride with you can make it pleasant or make it blah, but you have to choose wisely.

You have to ensure that God is your pilot, because he has the best navigation of all. He will take you exactly where you NEED to go. There will be a bit of turbulence, but you will surely get through it. One Bishop stated, “Turbulence is the price you pay for flying high.” If you truly want to get where you need to be, you have to get some altitude. You may even have to shift your weight/thinking to ensure the flight is smooth for soaring high. Just make sure that if you want a smooth landing, you hit the ground running and ready to pursue all of the great things that are available to you.

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