Vision Parties

Every now and then, I like to hit the town and get on a dance floor. I have those moments when I want to get out of the house and be amongst a group of people who aren’t afraid to show their moves as we listen to the latest jams. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to bust a move with friends or with total strangers. It may even be better for me with the strangers since I can’t dance. But I will say that I can’t and don’t want to party every weekend like I did in my 20’s. No one can ever say I didn’t know how to be a socialite, but now I think it’s time to reel it in at 33 years old. Oh crap, did I just say my real age?!

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that you need friends who like to do many different things. You may even need different sets of friends. That’s okay to have friends who like to party, friends from church, and friends who like to go out to eat. I recently had a vision meeting with a friend, and it really made me open my eyes to some things. Sometimes hanging with your friends, you get caught up in gossip, fashion, relationships, the latest television shows, and other things. We often forget to keep it real with our friends on the things that drive us. Truth be told, you can’t really have these kinds of conversations while you’re backing that thang up.

I propose we switch up our settings and topics of conversation. Instead of checking out the newest clubs, how about looking into a wine tasting party where you can sit down and chill. I guarantee you can get more concrete topics going if you’re in a quieter setting. This can be done at tea parties, book clubs, vision board parties, and things of that nature. The juicy gossip is fun and all, but you should know the things that drive your friends, their goals in life, and help them go after their dreams. I’m on this new Millionaire Status mindset, and I want my friends to win too. We just need to change some of our ways and come up with solid plans to become the greatest. Who’s Ready?

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