“Ight Imma Head Out”

Have you ever watched that show Snapped? It’s the one where the women have been wronged by a man, so they completely snap and end up killing the man. Sometimes I secretly root for the woman, even though I know that they have already been caught. Now I know that makes me sound a little crazy, but hear me out! It just sucks to see that the woman was doing all she could to show her love to an undeserving man. It’s only natural that some women will not take being abused, cheated on, or misused lightly. As the saying goes, it’s a thin line between love and hate. And to be honest, that song and movie are good examples of why men should not dog women and expect it to go over well.

Recently, I saw a meme stating that there’s a guy who is doing all the things a woman likes so that she falls in love with him. Then when the woman falls in love, the man up and leaves. It simply implies that the man has played the woman and had no intention on staying to make a relationship work. The caption shows the guy saying, “ight imma head out.” Well depending on the type of woman you’re dealing with, you may be heading out in an ambulance. The crazy part is, a lot of men go into these “situationships” with the mindset of not wanting it to go anywhere. Honestly, how are you buying roses, cooking dinners, and meeting friends, but have no intent to make anything official? It’s literally the reason for shows like Snapped and Murder in the Thirst.

When you play with someone’s heart, I somehow think that you have to be aware of consequences. What people have to consider is that some people won’t wait for karma to handle you, they want to get the heart breaker first. Obviously I don’t condone violence, but I’m not the one with a broken heart and I get that dating can be gruesome. Plus, I left my crazy ways in my 20’s! You live and you learn, but some lessons you shouldn’t have to learn the hard way. I think being honest up front allows both parties to make a decision as to where they want dating to go. So although this may be a lesson for the men, women need to take heed as well. Everyone can’t handle being mistreated in a healthy way. Just be careful who you try to run game on or simply stop thinking love is a game. Be Sweet.

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