They Do Anything For Clout

Most times, I can’t understand the words to rap songs. I just move my body to the beat because if I really stopped and listened I would be shocked at the nonsense they talk about. But every now and then, there will be a song that stands out even with the vulgar language. That song for me is “Clout” by Offset, specifically Cardi B’s verse. I’m actually starting to like her a whole lot more because the things she says are funny and true. People truly will do ANYTHING for clout. And the worst part is, social media is not making it any better.

I sit back and try to remember if people were as crazed for attention on MySpace as they are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat. They probably were if there was any space to write how you feel. You would think with such a huge platform and audience, people would be using it to spread more good than plain ol’ stupid stuff. A person can post a great testimony of how they got over depression and will get 30 likes. Meanwhile, a girl can post a picture in a skimpy bikini and get 200 likes. The mindset of this society is absolutely astonishing and quite scary.

The lyrics state that “they” (don’t act like you don’t know them) say anything to get a response because their traffic is low. Haven’t you realized that one person that does the absolute most at least once a week? I guess they figure that they haven’t gotten the attention or likes they want, so it’s time to clown. It’s really funny when you see friends or family make up these elaborate stories online and you know the real truth. Oh, and don’t forget that one person who tries to bait you into an argument by trying to dispute any and every little thing. You could say the sky is blue, but they just have to throw in the scientific fact of how it’s really green. SHUT UP!

I really think Offset and Cardi B were onto something with this song. I really liked the part where she says that haters are acting like Brandy because they want to be down. This is one song that really tells it how it is. It may not be the most darling way to put it, but maybe they need to hear the harsh version. The sad part is that some of this foolishness people post can lead to fame. Truth be told, everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame and the large audiences on social media can definitely give it to you. I suppose everyone wants fame, attention, and money…at least they think they do until they can’t handle it. It’s just the things we do to get them may not be the best. Oh well, please don’t do anything for clout y’all. Be Sweet.

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