The Wolf Ain’t So Big & Bad

This past weekend, I got to be apart of a great choir workshop. The workshop focused more on character than singing, implying that the two go hand in hand. The director asked a question that made all of us think. What is one thing you’ve been set free from? Of course, it’s been a few things, but a recent freedom popped up quickly. The answer was that I’ve been set free from fear of success. It may sound crazy, but success can be scary because it requires so much of you. It requires you to come out of normalcy and into a greatness that you have never seen and sometimes what you couldn’t even imagine.

When you’ve been living a mediocre life, success requires you to throw your comfort out the window. You have to forget your old habits and routines and get a whole new mindset. When you make up in your mind that fear won’t hold you back any longer, you believe you can take on the world. The funny part is, you just may be able to do that very thing. It’s all about what you want out of life and how bad you want it. Ask yourself, what do I want my life to look like when I’ve come to the end of it? If you see that you’re not even on that path, you get upset. I know I did, but I decided to be proactive and do something about it. I figured the wolf wasn’t as big and bad as I thought when I faced it.

When I reflect back over being scared of success, I chuckle to myself. To think of all of the things I’ve done that was extremely scary and really threatened my safety all in the name of fun, being scared of success is small. I’ve been zip lining in the mountains, snorkeling in the ocean, and even walked the most dangerous streets by myself. I guess the thrill of those things was exhilarating and in the moment, but success is a long term change. You can’t just wake up and say you’re ready for success and it lasts all of 30 minutes. You have to be willing to work for it and keep it up. That’s what I have been doing ever since I decided that I wanted to make MYSELF proud and truly change the world with my gifts. No more fear for me because I’m ready to excel and be prolific in life.

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