Our Ancestors Stood, So We Stand

Recently, I heard the speech that Angela Bassett gave to inform black women that we are Queens. She stated, “You are the descendants of royalty.” She made this reference to remind black women everywhere that we have worth, strength, and talents that are embedded inside of us, if only we’d tap into our greatness. She went on to say that we need to stop allowing people to downgrade us because we don’t act the way they assume we should. To even think that our counterparts have stuffed us into a box of this and that is hilarity. We can and will be whatever we want, especially when we have accomplished women such as Bassett and others that pull on our heart strings to strive for the best.

In case you didn’t know, there are many Black Queens in history that have done great work. With references such as Queen of Sheba, Cleopatra, and Nefertiti, we cannot forget that we once ruled nations. We can also see through names such as Rosa Parks, Michelle Obama, Harriet Tubman, Maxine Waters, Mary Church Terrell, and Mary Lou Allison Gardner Little that we are still encouraging women of color to chase their dreams and be whatever God created them to be. We must break the mold and become what is needed in our communities to aid our people and ultimately the world. Women of color have done so much to ensure success in others and we cannot stop because we are not afforded certain opportunities due to skin tone.

It is my belief that we must take a stand and create opportunities for ourselves. If we wait on others, that opportunity may not ever come. We have the know how and smarts to get whatever job done that is needed. It just takes willpower, grit, and grind to do so. I have seen women do just that with so little. Just take a look at your friends that are single mothers, but have successfully raised model citizens. Just look at that lady pastor that has helped her community through raising enough funds to send the less fortunate to college. Don’t overlook that CEO sister that has brought awareness through her work outside of the corporate world. Trust me, we have that IT factor to change lives for the better. What talent will you use, my beautiful black Queens, to make the world better?

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