He Got An F In English!

Anyone who knows me can tell you that my daddy is extremely hilarious. He says the craziest things and has the most boisterous and contagious laugh ever. But sometimes Ricky can make the silliest comments with the strongest meaning behind it. I remember when my sister and I were younger and he corrected us all of the time for grammatical errors. We couldn’t say “flo” for floor or any slang for the most part. We were so proper and he would always say that we should never fail English because we speak English. I used to disagree with that until I thought about what he way saying to us specifically. If you talk properly, you can pretty much be good with the English subject. In contrast, if you speak slang a lot, it can get a little rough because you tend to write how you talk.

I was laughing with my coworkers this morning about relationships. We were discussing how sometimes you will date a person who is a nice person, but is not the smartest. I started to ask myself if I could date a man who wasn’t up to par with his reading or writing. It sounds mean and it may be minor to some, but some people may not be able to handle it. It’s one thing to send text lingo, but to truly not know the correct way to speak or write is another. It makes you think, how did this person pass English in school. I mean, you had to take English EVERY school year until 12th grade! The fact that this particular thought popped in my head lets me know that I may not be able to handle that as well as I think. I want a smart man, both book and street smart.

I get that I may not be the smartest cookie, and not everyone will be a genius or scholar. But I do think that at my age, we should have some kind of education that sustains us. Scenario: What will I do if my mate is challenged in English and we’re at a date night where we play word games? Disaster! And I hate to lose at word games because that’s my thing. Surely I would have to carry us as a team. Again, maybe I’m meaner than I thought because I do want a man that can hold his own in many areas and this is one of them. I do believe that it goes back to what people want from a mate and that can differ for each individual. It’s the same for a woman who isn’t good at math and doesn’t do well with managing money. That can be a hindrance to a relationship if they have to put their money together. Either way, please don’t judge me for thinking this way, and if you do…oh well! Be Sweet.

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