Intention vs. Attention

With all that has been going on with hurricane disasters, people have really been raising money and going to bat for those who have been affected. Churches, fraternities, sororities, local clubs, and individuals have been soliciting to bring aid to the people who are in need. Some have been doing it for the right reason, while others just for the attention. We all know those people who have to let the WORLD know that they gave to someone in need. I mean, they are dang near taking a photo shoot to show everyone their good deeds. If you have to broadcast to the nation that you gave your little funky $20, you may need to keep it. The fact of the matter is that people are already hard up for help, so telling of their need is embarrassing and down right shameful.

I don’t know if y’all have heard of the Christian comedian John Crist, but he always tells people to “check your heart.” Even though he does some very funny skits, the saying is very fitting for today’s society. Everyone wants to be glorified for simple acts of kindness. Why? It may be that checking your heart is extremely necessary for the ones posting multiple pictures of them volunteering or letting the masses of social media know they took time out of their not so busy day to do something good. It goes back to the saying that hell is full of well intended people. If you’re not doing it for the right reasons, what’s the point? I know the people in need are counting on us to help, but they still want and need their dignity.

Anyone who makes themselves look big while attempting to make others look small has some serious issues. I wonder if we ever stop to think about if we were in the shoes of the less fortunate. How would it feel to us if people were taking selfies at our lowest points? I admonish everyone to truly check your hearts to gauge your intent. Are you doing things because you want to outshine your friend who completed a volunteer program or are you really concerned about the welfare of others? We need to do this quickly because there are lots of people who need our help. As always, BE SWEET.

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