Take Off The Blindfold

Last night I woke up out of my sleep at 10:58 pm and thought of this topic. Obviously it needed to be read because I was almost into that good sleep and I rose up like Lazarus from the bed! I mean, I could feel a dream coming on. The thing about putting on a blindfold is that although you can’t see at the moment, you can always take it off to see clearly. Unless your hands are tied, you can take it off without very much effort, meaning you are just choosing to be blind at that moment. A real life example is when you see those homeless people with the signs on the side of the road, but you try not to make eye contact. At that particular moment, you’re choosing to be blindfolded by the issue of that person. We tend to do this with a lot of the issues going on in this society.

When we need something, we go to great lengths to get help and assistance. When others need help, we have to go through a whole spill to see if we will help. You know the questions a person asks when they really don’t want to help. Why can’t she ask her parents? I thought she was making good money, what is she doing with that? She went to school and still can’t find a job? We ask these questions as if we have never been through a situation where things just weren’t going good for us. The worst part is, we have the means to help, but sometimes we judge people and talk ourselves out of being a blessing for someone else. Imagine if no one ever helped you.

Being blindfolded is a way of the world. We can see our next door neighbor struggling and won’t even offer to carry in some groceries. We can see our church member needing help to the car, but assume someone else will help and walk away. We see our very own neighborhoods falling part, yet no one will get a committee together because it’s “not our job.” The thought of it not being our job has harmed so many people and stopped so much progress in the world. Is it not our jobs to care for people? Doesn’t it make us selfish if we only think about ways for us to prosper, leaving others to basically fend for themselves? When will the blindfolds come off and we attempt to see the people right next to us who need someone to simply care? Be Sweet.

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