Do Not Disturb!

If you’re not hungry, you don’t go to a restaurant. If you hate baseball, you wouldn’t go to a baseball game. If you can’t stand beer, we wouldn’t catch you at a beer festival. All of these things make sense and we don’t question it. People don’t partake in things they have no interest in. So fellas, tell me this one thing. If you have no intentions of doing a woman right, why are you with her? What is it in you that tells you that you must stir up her spirit enough to anger her and then leave as if nothing happened? For the life of me, I can’t figure it out, but we shall unpack the possible reasons why in this blog. Let’s Go!

Love can be a great thing, but it’s the dating process that scares most people off from finding out. Dating sucks! You have to try to learn and remember stuff about someone, you question if their motives are right, and all the while you just want to be happy. Now this blog is coming from the only point of view I know best, from the side of a woman. And frankly I am so tired of my friends being treated like trash. Of course, I have had my share of mess in relationships, but I don’t play about people doing my friends wrong. The fact that my friends are straight up gangstas and can take care of themselves if something pops off doesn’t negate the fact that they still have their soft sides and want to be loved. So why go on several dates with someone and you can’t see yourself with them?

Fellas, before you all say that women do it all the time for dinner dates and food, let’s just say that there are many more men who play with women’s hearts when it comes to being in an Actual Relationship. Men will call you every day, want to have sex on the regular, and even meet your friends, then say they want to keep things casual. They will let you think everything is cool and then ghost you like Casper the unfriendly ghost. They will go as far as saying that the woman is his girl, but they just aren’t official yet. I won’t be as naive to think that some women are not at fault for not getting the understanding up front as to where the “situationship” is going. But men, you guys need to be clear up front and not just “go with the flow.”

Like I mentioned before, dating can be tricky. You have people on dating sites with ill intentions and you have people you meet in real life who suck too. With that being said, why add to the confusion? The one that I think about is how a man would respond to another man mistreating his mom. Or even better, treating his mom the way he is treating other women. How would that make you feel because I know a real man doesn’t play about mama? If a woman is living a good life with good things going for her, why are you trying to disturb the peace? Stop doing relationship stuff with women you have no real interest in. When you first meet a woman, tell her you only want casual dating because there are some women who only want that too. Don’t get with the woman who is dating to marry and wonder why she’s upset with you for stringing her along. Big Dummy! Men, you gotta do better for 2020 and you can start today so you can be ready. Be Sweet.

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