Unbothered: Omarion Level

In the world of love and hip hop (real life, not the show) there is always a lesson we can learn from celebrities. The recent lesson we can learn from is that of Omarion’s ex-girlfriend now dating his long time friend Lil Fizz. The situation is super weird, but through it all, Omarion has kept his cool. Joe Budden makes the comment we need to concentrate on the most: “Omarion don’t get enough credit for just chillin…” In my opinion, we don’t know when to just chill. For that, Omarion wins! Instead of clowning and making a scene, he understands that he is no longer with this woman and that is no longer his problem. Even though he COULD have beef with his so-called best friend, he chooses to stay silent. Maybe he realizes his worth and couldn’t care less about the mess his EX is getting herself into. Whew chile…I wonder how much that could benefit some of us today.

Omarion teaches us a valuable trait, chill mode. More of us need to turn that mode on because the opposite isn’t very becoming of us. If this were most of us, we would take to the social media streets and beef would be cooking like Ruth Chris steakhouse. But what would happen if we were unbothered on Omarion’s level more often? And not just with our exes, but on a lot of different subjects that shouldn’t concern us. What if we had control over our responses, control over our mouths enough to just sit back and say absolutely nothing when someone purposely tries to agitate us? When that supervisor says something crazy, we let it roll off our back. When your ex talks crazy about you on social media, you don’t clap back because you know that you weren’t the one who did anything g wrong. You may not be aware of this, but everything doesn’t require a response. And most times, silence is loud enough.

Sometimes you just have to let people talk. If you know what happened and you did the right thing, let it go. People are looking for you to clown. Let them know that this isn’t a circus and you refuse to perform for their entertainment. We were screaming just a few months ago that we “ain’t going back and forth” with the song, meanwhile we are indeed doing just that. The term silence is key is golden and in fact speak volumes. When things don’t concern you, don’t speak on it. Only a fool would go back and forth with someone who doesn’t know what actually went on. Be like Omarion and let it roll off your back. Be the bigger person and go on with your life. Stop stressing yourself because you’ll be pulling your hair out while the people who got a show from you are sleeping happily at night. Let “unbothered” be your new thing and let it bless your life. Be Sweet.

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