Bring Back The Men!

This blog may offend some people. This is a formal warning, so tread lightly going forward. I’ve come to understand that there will Always be someone who is offended by something I write. I need you to understand that opinions are just that…although some may be facts. Either way, I try my best to be sweet, but some messages are stronger than others simply because it steps on the toes of so many. I feel the way I feel and I’m not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings. I even hate the fact that I have to waste a whole paragraph explaining myself and MY OPINIONS. Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out the way, let’s pray.

Dear Heavenly Father, where have all the good men gone? Wherever they are, please bring them back. Amen. It’s not that there aren’t any good men, it’s just that I’m not sure where they are. And to go even further, where are the manly men? I feel as if the different trends and fashions have hidden them even further. I can’t see them because all I can see are skinny suits (not jeans, skin tight suits), colorful polka night shirts, and fanny packs. I feel as if we allow so many things to keep up with the latest fashion trends, that men are knocking on the door of femininity. Call me old fashioned, but I’m just not into it.

I long for the days when men treated women with respect, courted them, didn’t play games, and weren’t all talk. Yeah, that was back in my parents’ and even grandparents’ days, but I just have to keep hope alive that there are some manly men who exhibit these traits. The men who don’t want to show feminine traits, who wouldn’t dare wear a fanny pack (yes, I’m still on that), and who make you feel safe. I have a thing about men who I feel as if I can overpower them, mentally or physically. How can I feel protected? A woman needs to feel security with her man, and that’s on all levels. We can’t be fighting over the mirror, we both can’t have purses, and I shouldn’t have to have even an inkling of wonder about your masculinity. Bring back those men! Women want them and not someone who is a bit suspect. Thanks in advance real men for coming out of hiding.

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