Good Morning Beautiful

Now ladies, let’s keep it real. We enjoy those “good morning beautiful” texts. If it’s from the RIGHT person, it can brighten up our day. Well sis, this good morning beautiful is coming from the right person because it’s me. Why, you ask? Girl it’s because I have the right intentions and I want to cheer you on for the day. I want to drop some nuggets of encouragement into your spirit so you can get through this day and realize that you are awesome sauce. So get your coffee. put on your makeup, and sit back and enjoy this blog. Remember you don’t have to get a good morning beautiful from a man to feel good about yourself. But I want to give it to you anyway just in case you need it right now.

Women go through so much stuff. We have to be so many things to so many people that it is exhausting. On top of that, we are natural caretakers, so we have to be doers or some things just won’t get done. Mothers have the hardest job in the world in my opinion. They have to practically be superwomen every single day if they want their children to become productive citizens when they grow up. Mothers get thrown up on by their infants to yelled at from their teenagers. It’s a wonder they haven’t turned into winos and mental patients, but I see so many amazing moms who are killing it. My friends are amongst the wonderful women who I have to give props to because they deserve it and so much more. Just remember moms, please take time for yourselves so that you can stay on top. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Next, I have to give a shout out to my single ladies. Since I am in that number, I have to give you the encouragement that I want someone else to give me when I need it. Look darling, you don’t need a man, a man needs you! Get that deep down in your spirit so you don’t settle for less. We put some much weight on being in a relationship with a man, that we forget to be in one with ourselves first and foremost. Be okay with going to the mall by yourself. Be okay with a movie and dinner outing alone. Learn yourself so well that when you do get into a relationship, you won’t let someone turn you into someone you are not. Stand strong in loving yourself so that you won’t let fake love take you under. Guard your heart, but be open to love when it comes. Not every man is going to hurt you, so give proper chances, but don’t be gullible. Learn a healthy balance between being kind and strong as well.

I believe all women need an extra push through encouragement every now and then. We try to act so tough that we suffer in silence. It’s okay to not be okay, but don’t suffer alone. Get with people who love you and let love heal you. Celebrate yourself so if there is a time when you can’t get it from others, you know for yourself that you’re the bomb. Have daily affirmations that speak to your strength as a woman. Tell yourself every single day that you are a Queen and a force to be reckoned with. Don’t allow negative people to destroy your peace, let them go. It’s okay to outgrow people so that you can become stronger. You don’t need any dead weight. Speak up for yourself when you are mistreated. Those who truly love you will correct it and do better. Those who don’t are not your true people. Expect more out of life and allow it to manifest so you can continue being the amazingly powerful woman that you already are. Be Sweet.

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