Let Folks Live!

Have you ever know someone who is straight up like the Grinch? Every and anything upsets them and they just will not let others be happy. You can’t post anything positive because they will come up with something negative to point out. There’s always a conspiracy theorist, the Debbie Downer, or the one upper. Whew child! How in the world are these people able to function in so much negativity? If nothing can make you happy, you need to re-evaluate your life. And you may want to invest in seeing a good mental health professional. People are allowed to enjoy life, even you.

Let’s start with the conspiracy theorist. Man, they couldn’t spot a conspiracy if it hit them in the face. But to them, nobody is straight. It’s like every moment of their lives is lived on edge. Take a breath! Some things in life are legit, so calm down. Then there’s the Debbie Downer who can create a negative situation out of anything. These are people who will not let you just enjoy something without bringing up the smallest of things to make you upset. Being in a constant negative state has to be depressing. Last, but not least, are the one uppers. These are the people who will not let you shine and definitely won’t let you outshine them. You can say you are sick, and they will come back by saying they are on their death bed. It’s crazy how people can be.

I believe social media has caused so much jealousy that people can’t contain it. Instead of scrolling past stuff, they need to say something to refute your happiness. It has to be a miserable life to always be negative about things that don’t even concern you. It’s almost a sickness that needs to be dealt with by a therapist! If a person feels that bothered, they probably don’t need to be on a site where people are showing the majority of their happy moments. If you can’t resist the urge to say something mean all the time, you have a problem. Let people celebrate relationships, their kids, promotions, and family moments. Instead of being the one that folks give a side eye to on the thread, LOG OFF. Keep that messiness to yourself and let folks live. Be Sweet.

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