Judging Others

This blog isn’t for the supposed perfect people. Any of those individuals who believe they are perfect can go sit in the corner and wait until the end to come out. But for the rest of us imperfect people, this is right up our alley. With social media being the huge thing now, it’s easy to have access to people’s seemingly private areas of life. Obviously they aren’t too off limits because they still get posted. That being said, we have so much knowledge of other people’s lives that we get to have a thought of how they are as a person. Whether that thought is good or bad is up to us (and what people choose to post). But nothing anyone posts can ever justify judging others.

Unless you are an actual judge, you should not be placing judgement on people. And even then, it needs to be in the realm of the law being broken. For the rest of us regular job having citizens, we need to get off these imaginary high horses. I wonder how you would feel if someone judged you off of your deepest darkest secret. If you would have excuses such as you were young or you didn’t know better at the time. Now factor in those same defenses for the people we tend to judge. We don’t know whole stories, we usually just piece things together and fill in assumptions in the gaps. Before assuming, we should definitely get the facts. Or even better, mind our own business.

I believe one of the reasons why we judge others is because that’s easier than trying to understand others. That, of course, requires us to come out of our selfish states and attempt to care for someone. It also requires us to realize our own insecurities and issues we have within ourselves. All of that is hard work, so judging people who sin differently than we do becomes the norm. It actually sucks because imagine how awesome the world would be if we truly tried to work on the complex issues about ourselves and simply cared for others. I would surely be out of a job as a counselor. But I would be okay with that if it meant we became a better people! One can only dream, one can only continue to pray.

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