Mental Health: Talk About It

Sometimes I feel like we’re quiet about the wrong stuff. We will blast social media with all of our business, but won’t see a mental health professional for our emotional well-being. We will even go as far as to put some of our emotional issues on these sites seeking some kind of help from folks who a lot of times make the issues worse. They don’t have not one (yes, double negatives) degree and will have you upset that you put your business out there. But that’s normal, because some people thrive off of your downfalls. When I say talk about it, I don’t mean to your nosey neighbor, jealous friend, or passive coworker. I mean really seek professional counseling to address the things that have caused your emotional pain.

Some say it’s crazy to see a therapist, but I say it’s crazy to suffer in silence when there are so many resources available to get help. If anyone knows your business, it’s because you told them. Stop telling every personal thing about yourself to people who can’t hold water. There are so many ways to get counseling from a professional. This could be online, over the phone, and face-to-face. The choice is yours, but just go. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for wanting to feel better emotionally. You deserve to feel good about yourself and get some stuff off of your chest. Sometimes your friends can’t help you, even though they mean well. Sometimes your mother means well when she tries to give you advice, but it doesn’t help. Sometimes you can’t just pray a mental illness away. Go the next step and seek professionals who are trained to handle your problems.

Most times, you don’t really need advice, you simply need someone who is an active listener. You may need someone to guide you to the answers you already know. Trained therapists can do just that. It’s easy to get caught up in a funk that can turn into situational depression. This just means that what you’re going through right now is depressing you and until you talk about it, you will continue to feel emotionally distraught. Then there are times when you haven’t dealt with things from the past, and they have built p and are now taking a toll on your mind. If you can gossip and tell your business on a social media site to hundreds of people, most of whom you don’t know, you can go see a total stranger with credentials to actually help folks. Help is out there, but only you can determine if you are ready to get the help you owe yourself to feel better. Be Sweet to yourself!

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