California Love

Los Angeles has become a place where people come to be discovered. It’s obvious that it’s a place where dreams go to become reality since there are so many famous people living here. It’s not just actors, but writers, athletes, and many others trying to become successful in various ways. Although my intention was to come to this star studded city because of my writing and counseling, I’ve come to an even better conclusion. Moving to Los Angeles is a place you go to be discovered, but the person who discovers you is yourself.

When you move to a big booming city like L.A., you discover your true self. You see if you truly want it or not. You see if your work ethic is crappy or on point. You get to see what you’re truly made of. I can truly attest to that, even after only being here for 2 weeks. Coming from a small town to a world renowned city has been mind blowing. The things I’ve seen, the way people carry themselves, and the endless possibilities have been overwhelming. I can clearly see the difference between the South and the West.

Just going to the local Walmart had me saying aloud, Dorothy you’re not in Kansas anymore. But just like Dorothy, I too have to find my way through such a magical (at least for now) land. Unlike her though, I don’t plan on going back to boring Kansas…or in other words, home. I want to discover L.A. and all it has to offer. Different is okay if you make it work for your good. That takes talent, but it’s not impossible. Hence the millions of people here who haven’t left yet.

I will say the culture dynamics are a little off. Growing up in a predominantly white town, but in an all black neighborhood was actually a good set up for life. The mixture of ethnicities helped in being okay with talking to anyone. But out here in L.A., it’s different. You know the scene where the main character on “Get Out” goes to greet the other black guy with a dap? He quickly sees that just because they’re both black doesn’t necessarily mean they have something in common. That’s how it feels living in the San Fernando Valley.

I’m not quite sure why the black people in this particular area act funny, but it’s not going to stop me from being myself. I guess it’s just a Southern thing to say hello to people you pass by, especially if they’re black. Back home you make eye contact and you smile at another person. Here, everyone is in a hurry or afraid to acknowledge another black person, as if it will alert others to their true ethnicity. Fools, y’all are black! But I digress because I’m just going to have to venture out further south in the city to find my people.

It’s hilarious how I still feel like a tourist. I’ve been trying to see everything in the last 2 weeks as if I’ll be going back home soon. I’m intrigued by pretty much everything! I get that I’m on the Los Angeles high right now and eventually I’ll settle in and act normal. But for now, I’m going to continue enjoying this new land. I’m going to show them and myself what I’m made of. I’m not going to leave anything to wonder. Get ready y’all, I’m about to get the lights, camera, and action going for year 2020!

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