2019: Just Do It

I legit think Nike should give me a signing deal. Yes, I’m bragging on myself for getting stuff done in 2019. Because I was so determined for more, I decided to get off of my lazy tail and make it happen. I just felt as if I had relived the same year over and over again with little to no progress since about 2014. Life was beating my butt, but I’m a fighter so I punched back starting in April. There was no way I was going to get beat up any longer knowing I was a child of God in a fixed fight that was already won for me.

Each day I posted encouraging words and pictures, but I never followed that advice. It made me look stupid to tell other people to follow the dreams when I was at a standstill. No more standing still, even baby steps would suffice. And that’s exactly where I started, but oh the joys of simply starting. A lot of days, I let regret fuel my fire. And eventually it became a wildfire. It consumed me! There was no way that my dreams would have stayed just that any longer. Lights, camera, action!

As I stepped off the plane in August 2019, I was in sheer shock that I was in Los Angeles for interviews. It was my second time ever in a city that I had researched almost daily. I was obsessed, but obsession gets you where you need to go if you channel it right. You would have thought I was the Joker because my smile went from ear to ear in amazement of my own leap of faith towards my destiny. Babyyyy you couldn’t tell me I didn’t belong in the Hollywood city. It was on! My hotel window allowed me to see the Hollywood sign for goodness sake.

Earlier in the year, I had a lot of “just do it” moments. Just go to Vegas, just go to the mountains for your birthday, just break up with your boyfriend. It went on to just go to the family reunion to Myrtle Beach, just book your first solo trip, just apply for jobs in Los Angeles. My second favorite was just go on your dream trip to Jamaica with the girls, which led to just climb a waterfall, drive ATV, and go snorkeling off of a party boat. It led to my ultimate journey to just pack your necessities and drive 26 hours to move to Los Angeles.

I don’t know whether to cry from all of this ACTION or call Nike myself so they can sponsor me. Either way, 2019 was a year for the books. I heard God speak to me more clearly about my destiny and when my first step needed to be taken. Well, I’m ready for the road less traveled. I’m okay with the crazy looks and many people questioning my sanity. Heck, I question it too, but I also believe God. That in itself is enough to keep me on this path towards greatness. I’ve gone from talking the talk to walking the walk. I’m ready to paint the city red, and by red I mean with the markings of BE SWEET.

One thought on “2019: Just Do It

  1. This is so inspiring to me. I have watched (stalking your FB page) your journey all year and your ability to trust God and step out of the boat/your comfort zone has been shown.

    Continue to make your dreams a reality and go forth in greatness.

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