2020: Put Your Glasses On

Forget your only good for 2 weeks new year resolutions. Cancel the gym membership or better yet, don’t even waste your time setting up payments. You didn’t magically go from one second in one year to the other in a new year and become a totally transformed person, so drop the new year new me act. But one new year saying I will allow is the fact that this year will be your year. In fact, every year has been your year because you’re still alive and that in itself is a WIN. But for 2020, we must consider some things that will potentially cause it to be one of learning and then growing.

I remember when I was in 2nd grade and I was having problems with my vision. My mother got me the glasses, but because my friends didn’t have glasses, I didn’t want to wear them. Stick with me, that’s a sermon right there! I was struggling to see clearly with the answer to the problem in my possession. Much like my 2nd grade self, many of us possess the answer to our problems, but we’d rather struggle to be with the in crowd. Can I suggest to you that maybe if you put on your glasses, you can be an influence to the blind?

Many of us go into a new year with all types of plans. But if we keep the same mindset as the year before, many of our plans fail. One thing I’m a believer of is that people can change. We just have to dig deep into what we already possess and change our way of thinking. You can start that business, you can go back to school, and you can be healthy if you’d only change your lifestyle. Only a lifestyle change can get you where you need to go. Resolutions are fickle and will be dropped before February if we don’t take the time to change our ways inwardly first.

I’m working on myself daily because I know that I want to be a better person. I know that my thinking in Tennessee can’t be my thinking in California. Not only are the living styles different, you have to push yourself more when you’re in a new surrounding. Laziness has to go and self doubt too! I can’t worry about the next person without glasses to see clearly when we lead two different lives. I must put on my own glasses so that I can see the road ahead to a productive life. The year 2020 is already looking amazing for me! Be Sweet.

2 thoughts on “2020: Put Your Glasses On

  1. Girl, now that was gooooood! That was the inspiration I needed to get me”back on the saddle,” so to speak. Thanks for blogging, you’re helping many.

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