Don’t Wear Shoes You Can’t Walk In

No, this is not a fashion blog. One trip down Rodeo Drive and 3 weeks of living in Los Angeles haven’t turned me into a fashionista. Maybe one day! But for now, I’m just a regular dressing kind of girl who would rather wear yoga pants and flip flops over a dress and heels any day. That’s because I know my limits. Due to an old ankle injury, after an hour of walking in heels, I’m ready to cry. So with that, I know that I should wear wedge heels or something a little more comfortable to suit me. You just have to be honest with yourself.

Have you ever seen a baby calf trying to walk? Figuratively speaking, that’s how we look when we force ourselves to walk in ways that don’t suit us. An example would be me trying to be a chef when I burn water. Or you trying to be a singer when you can’t hold a tune in a bucket. You have to know when something just isn’t your strong suit. This blog isn’t to blast you in the areas where you struggle. This blog is to encourage you to seek out things that play on your strengths. We spend too much time on things that aren’t for us that we forget to hone the good skill we actually have.

This is the year we focus on the positives. Maybe last year sucked for you, but this year will be a year of reckoning. You will meet your true self and love her/him! You’ll figure all of this by seeing that you’re awesome and have lots of potential. You just need to tap into your greatness. What is something you love? What’s something you’d do even if you didn’t get paid for it? What’s your true passion that you’ve been hiding away for fear of becoming someone amazing? It’s time to unleash the awesomeness that’s in you. This year, we will walk in shoes that only make us look like we’re supposed to have them on. Shoes that compliment our being. Let’s get it 2020!

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