The Lesser Of Two Evils

Growing up in church, we used to always hear that sin is sin. No sin was greater than the other. But if truth be told, in our minds we don’t fully believe that. If we had to choose between a liar and a serial killer, we’d choose the liar all day. Because of this mindset, we have come to excuse some behaviors because they aren’t as bad as another. We’ve even brought this mindset into play in our dating lives. It has gotten us in a world of trouble and we only have ourselves to blame.

I always use myself as an example just in case I offend anyone or you’re not ready to admit your faults yet. Looking back over my dating life (a big mess), I’ve picked the lesser of two evils many times. The guy who was a drug dealer, but didn’t do drugs. The guy who was emotionally abusive, but not physically. Even typing those last sentences made me laugh at my past mindset. But I had to come to the hard realization that the past mindset was one of a woman who didn’t recognize what she needed from a man. A woman who didn’t understand that she deserved so much more. That came through hard lessons and unnecessary hurt from guys, but I’m thankful for growth.

When a woman realizes her true worth, she doesn’t put up with either of the evils. Not to say we’re looking for perfect men, but to say that we know there’s a man out there who doesn’t bring all that drama. It was cute and fun to be in drama filled relationships when we were young, but having that after age 21 is absurd! When you know better, you should do better. There’s a heavy emphasis on the SHOULD! What examples are we showing our children if we go around dating beneath our privilege? What are we really thinking about ourselves when we date someone who puts us in the awkward situation to question our sanity? Think about it and comment below. Be sweet to yourself.

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