Why should I have high expectations for myself and none from you?

I saw a post the other day that suggested that a good way to stop disappointment is to not have expectations from anyone. Maybe my overthinking mind didn’t agree with that because that seems almost scary. I get that it’s a good way to protect your heart and keep disappointment at a minimum, but there are just some things I expect from people. Why can I have high expectations of myself and little to none from you? Maybe that’s why I’m so over this dating crap. I expect more than bare minimum and I don’t see me not getting at least that from a grown man. At some point in life, you have to expect a grown up to act as such.

I came to the conclusion that age and maturity have nothing to do with one another. I’ve also concluded that not everyone grew up the same way and had parents teach them certain things. But at the age of 33, you cannot tell me that the basics haven’t been established. Your parents may not have taught you a doggon thing, but the dating process itself should have. Unless a man has been dating absolute bums off the street, ONE woman had to give you the run down of some common courtesies of dating. One woman had to see you were headed for doom and tried to set you straight. At least one, Lord!

When you’ve had a few (or a lot) of rough relationships, you don’t just let anything fly. You start sticking up for yourself and you refuse to take anyone’s mess. That’s how it should be, and it starts with having expectations of yourself and the one you intend to be with. You can go around trying to protect your heart all day long, but sometimes heartaches just happens. It’s all about being tough enough to get back in the saddle and remember it was the person that wronged you, not love itself. I dare you to expect and demand something from the opposite sex and see how they respond. If they are unwilling to do the minimum, you should be running anyway! Be sweet.

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