Do What Works For You

No one wants to be left out, but everyone wants to stand out. Make up your minds! Social media has turned us into clones and it’s scary and sad. People have actually killed themselves because they were outcasts. Bullies thrive when their victims are different but haven’t learned to own it. There are only a handful of people who truly understand that in order to be successful, being different is a must. In that same way of thinking, they must not be afraid to to do what works for them. It’s the only way we’ll keep getting epic discoveries, geniuses, and prodigies.

You can’t expect to be with the in crowd and be discovered. No one is looking there because it’s too crowded! But if you veer off the road and take the path less traveled, someone may see your talent. The phrase “sticking out like a sore thumb” used to have negative connotations, but it’s starting to sound better every day. I want to stick out and I want to shine and it seems the crowd dims your light the more you stay in it. It was cool when we were kids because we were trying to find ourselves and what worked for us. As adults, we shouldn’t be worried about seeing where we fit in. We should pretty much know ourselves more and more as time goes by.

To the parents, you don’t have to do what your parents did to be deemed a good parent. It’s okay to come up with skills that work for you. Singles, you don’t have to sit stagnant waiting for the one. Live your life and travel solo if you want. Teachers, get creative with the curriculum and get the students active. Pastors, get outside of the fishbowl and be true fishers of men in the deep sea. You don’t have to conform to be a big hit in this world. You do, however, have to catch the eyes and ears of others through creativity to wow them. Start doing what works for you because it’s what will make you happy in the end. Be sweet.

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