Sex & The City: Valuable Lessons

Over the last two months, I’ve been watching Sex & The City. If you’ve never seen it or heard of it, this blog isn’t for you. But mostly every living and breathing American has heard of this intriguing show. Although I watched bits and pieces when it first came out, it has a different effect on me as a 34 year old woman. You see, back then I knew nothing about sex, I lived in a small town, and I had never even been in a relationship. It was just fun to sneak and watch an adult show. To be honest, when the movie came out, I had to kind of piece some information together to understand. But after thinking of myself as a relationship advisor over the past 10 or so years, it’s safe to say that I was able to relate to a lot that the 4 characters went through.

After months of finally watching and understanding, I thought it be best to not let all of those valuable lessons go to waste. Yes, watching was something to do while trying to pass the time during quarantine. But I learned so much about the characters, and much about myself in the process. Although I would like to say I’m Carrie, as I’ve moved to a big beautiful city and I’m also a writer, I see myself in the others as well. I see the no nonsense of Miranda in me some days. While I can also sense the proper side of me like Charlotte. And I can’t forget the wild side that’s surely like Samantha. So I decided to write about the lessons I learned from all four during the series.

Let’s start with my fun girl Samantha. Most people who know me can tell you that I can party with the best of them. And at one point, I was a true socialite, partying in VIP with free entrance and free drinks. I lived the fast life like Samantha and I don’t regret it. I feel like my Samantha side has made me ready to settle down. Being young and stupid is one thing, but old and foolish isn’t a good look. I learned from Samantha that life does catch up with you after going hard for years. I also learned that sometimes that one guy can make you change your wild ways. She was definitely one of my favorites!

Miranda reminds me of the smart and successful side of me. She knows what she wants and goes after that. I knew I wanted to be a counselor and in the helping field, so I did just that. With a degree in Psychology and another in Mental Health Counseling, I worked hard for my career. I’m a smart cookie when I need to be! Miranda showed me that even with a great career, you can still be lacking in the relationship area. She was a top lawyer, but in the end, she also needed to be loved. Your career can be be fulfilling, but it can’t hold you at night.

Next is prim and proper Charlotte. Growing up in a predominantly white upper class town, I total get Charlotte. Although I wasn’t rich growing up, I understood how to act the part. My parents (especially my dad) didn’t let us talk slang a lot and corrected our grammar a lot. As a child, I caught on to the proper ways, but was able to get code switching down as well. Charlotte taught me that although you may think your type is top pedigree, you may do better with a regular schmuck (pun intended). She wanted a guy who was so classy, that she never imagined that she’d end up with someone who was so down to earth…and right for her.

Last, but not least, good old Carrie. She was a thriving writer who wanted to discuss the topic of sex and relationships in a big city. If she’s not me, I don’t know who is! I will say that most of my relationship mishaps and adventures were in the smaller city of Memphis. But Carrie was one to keep hope alive. I’ve dated and got to know a lot of different guys over the years, and I’m still positive that my ONE is out there. The series made me not like Big, but he was her one and sometimes it’s like that. Sometimes we go through so much only to see that we’ve already met Mr. Right. Maybe I’ve met him already, but I’m still going to live and enjoy life like Carrie.

Overall, if you watched this show at any point, you’d know that there were more than lessons about sexuality. One flashing fact that was displayed over and over again was that relationships in general are very important. The most important one from this show was that of friendships. They had their ups and downs, but they stuck together. I’m blessed to know friends like this as well! Another thing I learned was that sometimes you can’t be so rigid on a plan that you can’t just go with the flow. I think the ladies learned that tenfold every season. Another was all the fabulously fun things you can get into in a big city. Maybe you should get your girls together and have a night in and see what funny or serious discussions pop up from it. Be Sweet.

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