Coronavirus Testimony

When I wake up, I start praying. I figure I need to get a jumpstart on the devil because he stayed up all night. My favorite saying is “the devil is busy, but so is God.” When I clean on Monday’s, I call it my shout day because I listen to my gospel and have to get in a step for the Lord for any future victory because I live in expectation that God is always up to something. Growing up in the Bible Belt area and then coming to a place where not too many people you know go to church is a huge difference. I even get to work early so I can blast my music, wipe the place down, and pray over the people I work with daily. Pretty much, I don’t play with the devil!

When the coronavirus came into play, it was no different. I prayed even harder and I trusted God. In trusting Him, I put common sense in the mix as well. I did almost all the things I heard on the news. I began to take vitamins, stopped taking Advil, put Neosporin in my nose, drank hot tea and coffee daily, gargled with hot lemon water, and wore my mask and gloves. People were dying and I wasn’t about to just go out like that. It was even more eye opening when my two aunts got the virus and were having a hard time. With my heart problems (that most don’t know about), I was not going to play around.

Most of my close family and friends knew that my coworker tested positive for coronavirus and it was a total shocker. Working with the homeless people as an essential worker, it never dawned on me that a coworker would get it. I was thinking a client would end up testing positive before the staff. Again, I went into spiritual warfare via prayer! The next day I came in to work early and began to rebuke the enemy. I even wore my TEAM JESUS shirt as a visual that I’m on the Lord’s side. While it was quite a scare for coronavirus to hit that close to home, I stayed in faith. The devil was not about to steal my joy again!

Being a drama queen, I was reluctant to get the nose test, but it was the most accurate, so I went ahead. It was uncomfortable, but not as bad as it looked. I checked my email for 3 days until I saw the one with the results. I clicked the button with out hesitation and it read NEGATIVE. Talk about screaming and crying in amazement of my God! I even did a praise run around the living room and kitchen because God definitely deserved my praise. God has been keeping me and I know He will continue to do so. I just had to get that testimony out because someone needs to know that God will keep you. Be safe, stay blessed, and be sweet!

3 thoughts on “Coronavirus Testimony

  1. I love to read your story always encouraging and giving God the praise. Don’t stop being a chosen vessel for God he got you now and forever ❤️

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  2. Thank you for the testimony! For God is indeed keeping me and I give Him my Hallelujah Praise ever day for bringing me and keeping me and my family and all that I’m abounded to pray for safety in the Shepherd Arms. God is my Rock🙏🏽

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